Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...Expanded!!!

When you visit my sister Margo in Oregon...
you're also visiting...

Lester, the Lester Sheep

Fiona...the Alpaca...
(she's a bit grumpy...she's got mites and she's not really in the mood for pictures)

...and Alpaca Daisy!!!
(she's considering a career in modeling)

It's not often you see clear blue skies in Oregon...


On Friday we went to the Holiday Market...
(TheChief kept affectionately referring to it as "the Flea Market")
(and...during which...TheChief discovered where the '60's hippies moved to when they retired!!!)
(One of these days...I'm going to bravely step out and ask to take photos
when I see interesting people...but not at the Holiday Market!  
Surreptitious shots of normal people only...) 

No...this isn't Scrimshaw....

 It's actually a hand done carving on....a conk mushroom!!!

There were lots of interesting handmade jewelry vendors...
(I don't know why...but TheChief kept steering me away from these...)

There was live music...

And who could resist getting a pic of this little unicorn???


We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at King Estate Winery...
(although there were plenty of lovely opportunities for pics...
I was more in the mood to experience it all in real vision rather 
than through a camera lens...) 


I hope all my US friends and ex-pats abroad had a lovely Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Fiona has every right to be grumpy. . .poor thing! You should NOT go shopping with the Chief; he has too much self-control when faced with jewelry and you together in one area. Be bold and get some of those photos; people LOVE to be photographed.

  2. Fabulous shots of the Alpaca - never knew that I had had one named after me! ;-)

  3. Cool place to visit, the critters add an unusual element. Holiday markets can be a fun place!

    1. Yep...the critters definitely add an unusual element!!! We also went to an Alpaca farm...with lots of Alpacas crowding around us to get a carrot!!!

  4. Love the sheep and alpaca shots. And the little unicorn is very cute!

  5. Wonderful portraits!

    The sheep and the alpaca shots somehow seem to be summed up in three words: the usual suspects.

  6. det er en flott og interessant innlegg :-)

  7. LOL! Look at those faces! Cute critters!

  8. Replies
    1. They had some really beautiful items...and so original! They were on the expensive side...but good craftsmanship!!!

  9. Thanksgiving was the perfect time of year for both of my sisters to visit! (And my one and only cousin too!) The Chief was specially happy it wasn't raining....Kathy, your photos captured the "flea market" exceptionally well!

  10. Such beautiful creatures :)
    I recognize the feeling you have about shooting pictures of people. It`s a barriere not to eazy to cross.