Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Find the Doe!!!

Think of this post as one of those drawings where you have to look and look
to find the hidden animals...
In this case, she's a doe that spent the morning behind our new home...
Kelly and I were sitting on the back deck, reading and watching the trees grow...
when I spotted her behind a stand of bushes...

Darn the yappy dog next door...she might have joined us if it wasn't yapping all morning!!!


  1. Reminded me of one of Bev Doolittle's pieces.

  2. Yes!!! That's the one I had in mind Hiker!!!

  3. Saw her but it was tricky!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. That is much better than the photo I tried to take of a hidden deer. It was so well hidden you couldn't see it ...

  5. I'm tickled I saw what you saw. And, you deserve a prize for going through all my posts.

  6. Glad you all found her!!! She spent a long morning up there...regardless of the yappy dog next door!!! deserve the prize for writing such engaging posts!!! If Ya' all haven't done so yet...check out!!!