Sunday, August 28, 2011

You've Got Mail!!!

When someone new makes a comment on my blog, I generally click on their 
"name" and check to see if they also have a blog.   This time I clicked on 

He has an interesting blog and his last post was for the meme "Sunday Series" I'd not 
seen before.  His post was about how "snail-mail" is dwindling in popularity and 
because of that post offices all over the country, like the one in his city, are closing.  
He showed some lovely photos of what looks like a true treasure...
I am so sad that his wonderful post office is closing...

I checked back in my blog to see when I posted this photo of an old post office taken at the 
Laws Railroad Museum in Bishop, CA.  I thought for sure that I had posted it and was going to 
post a link to it in my comment to him...but I couldn't find it!!!  
So here it is!!!   My homage to the US Postal Service's glory days!!!

This is not an official entry to the Sunday Series Meme as I have not met all their criteria...but in case you want to check it here!!!

However...this is my entry for...


  1. That's a beauty, K. I love the old mail boxes. And you're making me nostalgic for the days of the US Postal service, when it was an actual service! I took a package to be mailed the other day. It weighed almost nothing and they wanted $11 to mail it to the Seattle area. Not worth it! I'll take it to UPS or FedEx and get a better deal.
    If you want to run a business you have to be competitive.

  2. Unfortunately Petrea...the government has always had a hard time with that business concept...

  3. Great photo of the mail boxes... I really like it in B&W. And thanks so much for the mention of my blog. Really nice of you! Oh, and you asked about my city in Orange County. I'm in Fullerton. Really hope the city finds a good use for the wonderful old building and preserves the wall mural!

  4. Wonderful perspective! I love it in b & W but color would work too.

  5. Hi again Spare Parts and Pics!!! Glad you approved! I'm very familiar with Fullerton...graduated from CSUF many, many moons ago!!! The mural is would be a sin for it to be destroyed...I hope there is movement to add the building to the appropriate historic registry...

    Thanks Linda!

  6. Excellent composition and your photography, too.


  7. my grandpa used to have a box similar to these in his office. I believe it was from when the postal service upgraded in his old home town---the opportunity to purchase an old box was given (had to have been no later than the early 70's). Beautiful and thanks for the reminder of my grandpa!

  8. This is so good! I love the angle you've used, and the great perspective.

  9. Thanks Tajana!!!

    I'm glad this evoked such special memories Trish! Being up here, I'm reminded of my Grandpa all the time...he was a botanical artist and spent time up here and all around California taking photos and painting...

    Thank you so much Dragonstar!!!