Monday, August 29, 2011

It Was Quite an Adventure!!!

Sadie and Cleo got to go outside today for the first time since we've been up here in Mammoth Lakes.
Down south, they were both indoor/outdoor kitties.  They loved sitting on the patio and cruising the yard.
For the most part, they stayed in the yard....

When we first got to Mammoth, our home up here had a huge and wonderful deck off the second floor
which was our main living area...the deck was high enough that the cats could go out and enjoy the sun 
without really being out in the "wild".

But here we are in our new home...yes...we have a deck, but it's off the first floor and has steps down
to the slate patio below.  So...the we let the cats out?  

Today they went outside...we were all out there.  Kelly, TheChief and me...Cleo and Sadie...
Sadie was in hog heaven...

literally!!!!  She rolled and rolled in the dirt...then she explored...with me following and 
bringing her back close to the house whenever she got a bit too far...

Cleo wandered a bit but stayed close to home...

And was completely tuckered out when she got back in!!!


  1. Too much excitement for a teeny brain!

  2. Definitely in Cleo's case!!! Miss Sadie snuck under the house today when the installer was installing the vent for our range...he was making all kinds of racket drilling through concrete and she hid...he thought she escaped out...and closed it back up when he was done! Ooops! Miss Sadie was under the house in complete darkness with no way to get out for about an hour...when I figured out that she hadn't come out, I opened it up and had to hang over the opening to reach down and grab her!! She hung on me all the rest of the afternoon!!! She's definitely the adventuress!!!