Friday, August 5, 2011

Taking a Breather!!!

Well...the internet is hooked up, but the house is still in move mode...
Boxes everywhere...can't remember what's in what box...
I'm sure you know the drill!!!

Gone Fishin'....

I'm sure I'll be posting by Monday..


  1. I can identify with moving....just keep posting these 'older' shots if you have to; they're certainly worth looking at!

  2. With pictures of the new digs.

  3. take it easy and relax if you can.

    we moved years ago, friends gave us their used boxes. One box that had been used by their daughter, who listed a host of things from her room. We lol'd reading her list written on the top of the box...paperclips, pencils, cr@p, rulers, ruled paper, erasers, school sh!t, coffee cup.

    so, now, when we can't describe something or want to include everything, we list "cr@ap/sh!t" and still lol.

    and, only to outdone---years ago we helped friends move across country by packing their house here with them. We "helpfully" listed contents on the outside of the boxes. Like "2nd floor bedroom" (single story house), fridge filters (it was a rental house w/a fridge from the Eisenhower admin) and one friend ran around adding "sex toys" to the bottom of the list of every box.

    aren't you glad we didn't "help"? ;-)

  4. See you when you get your cr@p and sh!t put away. Or you could take pictures of it.

  5. I know how that is! I hope all goes well. We'll be here when you return. :)

  6. Thanks all!!! It's been one lonnnng move!!! We started moving stuff from Glendale in June...and haven't quite stopped!!! We'll be heading south in separate cars again soon...but for an even better reason than step daughter is getting married!!! We'll be there with bells on!!!

    (Trish...I love the boxes marked with sex and your friends have quite a sense of humor!!! But I'm glad you weren't marking our boxes...although, I probably wouldn't have had any more of an inkling as to what's in what box either way!!!)

  7. I have to lol some more. Just the other day, friends of ours packed up several rooms to have them repainted and asked me to help. They are into the leather side of life and have some interesting, uhm, decorations and toys. I kept having to ask "BTW, what do I call THIS?". At least I got an education and we all got to laugh when we started a Liar's Club guessing game.