Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a Dog Day Afternoon

Sometimes life as a Dog is not all that fun...

Sometimes...for no reason at all...a Dog's people takse them Down to 
a strange place that smells funny, and leaves you for way too long....
(and other people poke and prod you...and then you take a long nap)

But then they come get you and take you home...
Life is good...
 (Even if you're Darned knee still hurts and you have to wear this stupid Darned collar!!!)

Happy ABC Wednesday to you all!!!


  1. lol! on my phone, it looked like Kelly had gotten herself into one of your moving boxes!

    Hope she's healing well, darned knee and everything.

  2. Very cute photos! Hope she starts to feeling well soon.

  3. Trish...Kelly's lucky...she doesn't even get to mess with any boxes!!!

    Thanks Jessica! She's better every day!!! Glad you came by to visit and comment!

  4. Awwwww, so sweet! And I like those new-fangled collars that keep the dog from chewing at the sore spot. Hope she's feeling better soon and you both have a divine week,

    abcw team

  5. Oh, sweetie good girl! I just want to kiss her. I hope she's back to her old self soon. It's a good thing we don't have to perform the surgery ourselves, that way they get to see us as the good guys.

  6. It's nice to read something from the perspective of the dog! Wonderful photos.

  7. Oh, no! It's the cone of shame. Poor girl.

  8. Thanks Leslie! She can't wait to get that darned thing off!!! She keeps banging into things, it's giving her mats on her neck which she can't scratch properly...darn!!! It's tough being a cone-headed dog!!!

    Funny thing Petrea...she went back to the vet last week for an extended visit and she was happy as a clam to go back with them!!! But she was even happier to come home!!! She told me she felt your kisses!!!

    Thanks Linda!!! Kelly told me what to write!!!

    Awww Margaret...she's just about done with her penance!!!

  9. Hilarious! brings back memories of taking our dog, Elsie to the vets and bringing her home in a collar just like that! Not that I would ever tell her we laughed - she is a german shepherd with mental issues! lol!

  10. Much more chic than those white plastic cones!

  11. Great D post even though it probably not be Kelli's favorite pics!
    ABC Team

  12. I'm wondering how she got up those stairs in her new home or did she stay downstairs. I know that Mammoth homes have the living area up and the bedrooms down.

  13. Thanks Mrs Nesbitt!!! We don't dare laugh either! She's managed pretty well...other than a few cups of coffee knocked over and dog food strewn about!!!

    Tres Chic Bibi!!!

    I think you're right Helenmac!!!

    Beacon...She actually can manage the stairs this week...last week she couldn't and she stayed in the hospital an extra week because I couldn't help her by myself. Although we have a regular downstairs living area...she still comes upstairs to be with us at night!!!

    Let's just say was comparable to what we would have paid for her from a breeder...and if we had, her joint health would've been guaranteed!!!
    But then, she wouldn't have been Kelly!!!

  14. Poor Kelly! George sends sympathy and woofs.

  15. Awwww! Poor girl! My dogs hate the 'cone of shame'! But it's necessary if they bother the stitches, isn't it?

    I hope she heals fast!

  16. Kelly looks so sweet - I hope she is better soon. :)

  17. Thanks Liz! Kelly says woof woof back!!!

    The cone is off Jay...and she's licking her incision....sans stitches!!!

    Thanks Jo! She seems to be healing fast!!!

  18. guess it's a dog's life...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team