Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a Bird's Eye View...

"The Eagle has landed."
Neil Armstrong

There was one beach on one of the islands that was the training ground for 
young eagles...this young guy was as entranced with me as I was with him!!!

This is my first entry in Macro Monday!  
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  1. Wow....just plain WOW!!!!

    My link for today is: GARDEN FLOWERS

  2. What an entrance, this is a BEAUTIFUL shot!! Cool wedge-shaped reflections in it's eyes, amazing detail.

  3. What a lovely shot - he is looking straight at you. Wonderful

  4. Wow...wonderful shot of a beautiful animal!

  5. I looked at all of your images so far, it must have been an amazing trip. Not one I expect to take so I will enjoy the Galapagos through your lens.

  6. Awesome photo & subject!
    What a regal looking bird.
    You'll be hooked on MM before long.

  7. WOW are you ever getting "the look"!!

  8. Thank you Paul!!!

    Well thank you Hootin' Anni!!! I loved watching him and capturing him in my photos!!!

    Thanks Trish!!!

    Wow!!! Thanks Woody!!!

    Thanks Ellie..he actually followed me with his gaze...I moved back and forth to take photos and the Naturalist Guide told me he was following my every move! And not thing that was amazing down there is how there is virtually no fear of humans on the islands...the animals all took us in stride!!!

    Thank you Em!

    Thanks Jeannelle

    Thanks Martha Z!!!! It was an amazing trip! Glad to have you join my photo journey through the Galapagos!!!

    Thanks Ida...I think I'm already hooked!

    Yep...he was keeping an "eagle eye" on me Linda!!!

    Thanks all for visiting and commenting!!!

  9. An incredible-looking animal... and incredible photo!

  10. A fabulous shot of this majestic bird!

  11. He definitely had that "eagle eye" Oakland!!!

    Thank you Spare Parts and Pics!!!

    Thanks Lady Fi!!! It was an incredible moment to capture this photo!!!

  12. What a magnificent looking creature. Great details you've captured!

    Happy MM

  13. OMG! I feel like I can touch him.

  14. We were so close to him, you practically could touch him Tash!!!