Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon in Mammoth....

We woke up this morning...later than usual...
still recuperating from the Galapagos...
nothing like a snow storm to bring you back from the Equator!!!

Kelly thinks the snow is pretty awesome...

Even when it dumps on her!!!

"Huh????  Mom....but I don't want to come in...

Kelly can't figure out why Pop is still outside and she had to come in!!!


  1. Oh wow! That is a lot of snow! Glad to see that someone is enjoying it... but I'm afraid the winter is going to look like that around here soon too. :)

  2. The BW images are amazing and I love me some Kelly. Goldens know how to have a good time don't they!

  3. Kelly puts a song in your heart, doesn't she?

  4. So enjoyable to watch pups have so much fun with the most simple situations! Gave me a grin on a morning I was dreading. Thanks!

  5. Do you ever have winter! Our dogs are the same.....and love to drag the white stuff into the house with them too:(

  6. It's definitely winter up here Halcyon!!!

    Thanks Virginia!!! Kelly will melt your heart even more in person!!! (or lick you silly!!!)

    She does Hiker!!! She was a blessing after losing our Miss Daisy...

    Glad you got a grin this morning Trish!!! She loves to bury her face in the snow trying to find whatever is underneath!!!

    Yep! Winter is definitely here Linda!!!

  7. BTW Virginia...those two B&W shots are actually in full color!!! It was a bit grey here yesterday!!!

  8. That's a lot of snow! What a switch in climates between the Galapagos and there.

  9. Pat...We must have gotten 12+ inches was snowing all day!!! Believe it or not, the Galapagos was not as warm (hot) as I thought it would be...we were there at the end of their winter was in the low to mid 70's with just enough humidity to make my skin feel great! And grey cloud cover every day...but from what I hear about their summer months, we lucked out!!!

  10. Kelly looks adorable!

    Great photos of the snow!