Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"N" is for "Nice Day for a Swim!!!"


It was a NICE afternoon for a swim...

It all started yesterday morning...
Kelly woke up from her morning NAP to go with me to Pilates.
Since she couldn't go in with me, she chose to get back to her NAPPING.
When I got back to the car at NOON and told her we were going to June Lake, 
she went a bit NUTS thinking "Lake!!!  Swimming!!!"
She was quite annoyed when I told her NO it was NOON and time for lunch...
Mama stopped and got a burger while Kelly NAPPED again...
When Mama got back to the car...Kelly NAGGED and NAGGED about 
going for a walk and a swim at the Lake...
She was quite a NUISANCE and barked at me that it was tantamount to
NEGLECT to NOT take her.  She barked to remind me of my John Muir
quote from yesterday's blog and reminded me that she NEEDED to 
get out in NATURE as per Muir's quote.
In order to avoid any further dog-NAGGING...I decided that a stroll along the 
lake was just what I NEEDED too!!!

Soooo...we stopped at the Lake and like the true NATURIST that she is
Kelly plunged into the water in all her glory...
NOBODY else was on the beach so she was confident that she could
run and play and shake the water off to her heart's content...

She swam like a sea NYMPH.   Taking NOSEDIVES to retrieve the 
soggy pinecone that I threw in the water for her to fetch.
She was like a NUTCASE obsessed with the pinecone.

But as she came out of the water and looked out on the lake that
she had been enjoying...she looked like the NOBLE beast that she is...

After a few more shakes, she came up to me and NUZZLED her wet
NOSE in my lap to thank me for a wonderful afternoon...

It was my pleasure Kelly-girl!!!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful walk and swim! Kelly is lovely!
    Have a great week with her.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  2. Never too cold for some dogs to swim...Bibi hates the water, cold or warm.

  3. Clever and cute and a story well told. NEAT!

  4. Thanks Reader Wil! Glad you stopped by to visit and comment!

    Bibi doesn't know what she's missing...according to Kelly!!!

    Thanks Scriptor Senex!!!

  5. ok - I can't get past the idea of being able to go to an exercise class, grab a burger then drop in at June lake for a stroll. Lucky lucky

  6. Your fur baby reminds me of my dog that I left in the Philippines. When I left the island, he followed the boat where I was until he couldn't swim anymore and he turned around. Made me nostalgic!
    Nursing to Nuclear Medicine
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  7. We are lucky PA!!! And Kelly's the happiest of dogs when playing in the snow or romping in the water!!!

    Ohhhh...that breaks my heart chubskulit!!!

  8. maybe a NICE day for HER, but I'd freeze to death!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Scout hates the water, but she is equally persistent about her walks. When I get out my walking shoes she makes it very clear that she gets to come and that I better hurry up.

  10. Rog...Kelly has the advantage of the fur coat she wears everywhere she enables her to swim in cold, cold water and lay in the snow for hours at a time...and is the reason she likes to sleep on the cool tile in the shower at home!!!

    I think Kelly and Scout would get along famously Margaret!!!

  11. Playful!

    Hope you can come by and see my NooK, thanks!

  12. What a day! Such a lucky dog (you too!). Looks like you gave her the day of her dreams which, as pet owners, is truly our job.

  13. Thanks for visiting Adele!!! I think Kelly's still dreaming about that afternoon!!!

  14. It's my pleasure! And that dreaming might account for extended napping!

  15. Ah - so noble and utterly sweet!

  16. Thanks LadyFi!!! I know Oscar would love swimming in this lake too!!!

  17. Kelly is so lucky to have such a great person.

  18. smiling, I expected the swimmer to be you. :)

  19. Tash...We're lucky to have sound such a great dog after losing our wonderful Daisy-girl!!!

    Too cold for me NatureFootstep...I'd need a fur coat or at least a wet suit to get in that water!!!