Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WooHoo!!! "M is for Mammoth Mountain!!!

It's "M" week for ABC Wednesday...
So what else could my post be but...

"M" is for Mammoth Mountain!!!

MAMMOTH is one of the fashion capitals of the ski and snowboard world...

MAMMOTH has wonderful ski patrol helping to keep us all 
safe and patching us up when we fall...

MAMMOTH has great skiing and snowboarding...

MAMMOTH has giant snowmen...

MAMMOTH has guided snow shoe tours...

MAMMOTH has awesome AlpenGlo...

MAMMOTH lakes has great fishing...

MAMMOTH has clouds...lot's and lot's of clouds...
including the Sierra Waves...

MAMMOTH has awesome sunsets...

...and MAMMOTH has lot's of snow and icicles...even in 
a dry snow year...
(It's supposed to snow again tomorrow through Saturday!!!)


  1. And Mammoth has you - a marvelous photographer showing off its magnificence!

  2. The M's came to you! Great place, great photos... I saw my own version of those icicles here outside my window this winter...

  3. I think you are a Mammoth fan! It looks like it's a challenging ski slope, too. Great photos of a place that's obviously a favorite of yours.

  4. You live in a beautiful part of the world! Amazing shots.

  5. great choice, where you are!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Mammoth DOES have a lot of things going for it......especially the scenery.

  7. these photos make me so jealous! wonderful shots

  8. What a wonderful place and you are better than a travel brochure at selling it to us!

  9. is this mammoth in Easter california? my son worked there one winter!!

    messy little girl

  10. Thanks everyone!!! Mammoth was the easy choice for "M" this time around!!!

  11. Thanks ScriptorSenex!!! I'd love to think that I've generated desire to visit here!!!

    Yes Zongrik! Mammoth Lakes California...home of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort where I'm sure your son worked!!!

  12. You sing its praises very well - looks so scenic!

    abcw team

  13. I visited Mammoth Lake one summer, many years ago. It was and obviously still is, spectacular!

  14. Yes it is Meryl!!! The locals generally say they moved here for the winters...but stayed for the summers!!!