Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not Quite Spring...

"A hush is over everything, Silent as women wait for love;
The world is waiting for spring."
Sara Teasdale

Some of us have to wait a bit longer than others...
for Spring!!!

There actually are leaf buds on this tree!!!  


  1. And some even longer for love, I guess! Great photo. Love the way the cows are framed.

  2. Our willows look very much the same today but other trees are very close to turning green. Lovely photo.

  3. I love a gnarly old tree like's not quite spring here either but nearly.

  4. This does bring back memories of living int the Gorge Power Plant and bicycling through Round Valley.

  5. I love how the valley gives way as you make the climb out of Bishop. You've caught something in this photograph that is both a reminder and charming.

  6. Thanks Bibi!!!

    I guess we're in the "in-between" seasons, EG Camera Girl!!!

    I am mesmerized by these trees Linda...year round!!! They look absolutely dead during winter...and then they start springing to life as soon as it starts getting consistently warm...

    We've been back by the Gorge power plant MarthaZ!!! There are some nice walking areas back there...

    Thank you PA! I agree...I love the drive up the Sherwin grade from Bishop...the mountains change colors with the shadows, snow, light...they never seem to stay the same!!!

  7. I love the textures in this photo, the craggy branches against the rugged mountain. Spring is right around the corner, Chieftess.

  8. OH dear, I'm so wishing spring for you. Much love to you and the Chief .

  9. I hear you - spring hasn't got here yet either!

    This photo is like a lovely painting.

  10. Thank you Susan!!! You caught on to what captures me whenever I'm down in Bishop...especially during the winter!!!

    It's a ways away Virginia...we had snow flurries all day today!!! 23 degrees coming home from a night out tonight!!!

    I'm sure our seasons are on a similar path LadyFi!!!

  11. Great composition and the feeling looking at this is great