Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time Lapse Photography???

Think of this as time lapse photography...
First taken at the turn of the century...then recently with the yellow realtor stand!!!
That's about all the change there's been!!!


  1. That is a sight I hope to see soon. It's spring, time to open the Virginia Lakes cabin and return to the Eastern Sierra.

  2. I'm glad that BEER and VINE has been around for the last century! A really fun shot.

  3. And maybe the 'souvenirs' sign. I like those cables that seem to hold up the slanted awning/roof.

  4. I love those kind of building....wonder if the chimney is still in use.

  5. I still haven't made it up to Virginia Lakes yet MarthaZ!!!

    I'm sure it has Tash!!!

    Not too sure about the souvenirs or cables though Bibi!!!

    I do too LInda!!! And I'm sure it is in use!!! Propane is expensive up here so wood burning and pellet burning stoves abound!!!