Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wait! I Thought Yosemite Was Closer to My World!

When you think of Ansel Adams...
I'll bet you think of all those magnificent shots
taken in my current part of the world, Yosemite Valley...

Well...Ansel Adams had another side too...
Showing in drkrm gallery
727 S. Spring St., Los Angeles
Through April 21...

Ansel Adams was commissioned by Fortune magazine as a photojournalist
 on assignment to photograph Urban LA in 1940...
They selected several photos for publication and returned the rest
to Ansel Adams.

In the 60's, Ansel Adams found the photographs and decided to 
donate them and the negatives to the Los Angeles Public Library...
At the time, he wrote in a letter that these were not his best 
work and that if they were interested, fine...
if not, they should burn them.  
He placed a value of $150 on the whole lot of them...
Each print in the gallery was on sale for $2500...
Go figure!!!

Now...these were printed directly from the original negatives...
none of the famous Ansel Adams darkroom manipulation...
They were wonderful!!!
If you're in LA between now and the 21st..
do go and see these...

For a far more fun tour of Ansel Adams LA...check out Altadena Hiker's post!!!


  1. Calling by as another contributor to Our World Tuesday, interesting to learn about someone I had never heard of before today.

  2. I'd love to see that exhibit. I had the pleasure, thanks to a former photography teacher, of meeting Ansel Adams in Carmel!

  3. Rats, I'd like to see that. I doubt I'll make it to LA by 4/21 though.

  4. Wow! You've never heard of Ansel Adams LindyLouMac??? Check out his's fabulous!!!

    How fabulous Bibi!!! I'll bet that was fascinating!!!

    I believe you can see the whole collection online...go to, click on view exhibition...

  5. Wish the exhibit would come here to the East coast. Ansel Adams is absolutely the best. His pictures are to die for. Wish I could afford one. Nice captures. Genie

  6. can see the exhibit online!!!!!!

  7. I wasn't going to bother till I saw the on-line show. I wonder if he photographed Chavez revine

  8. interesting post. :)
    Wishing you a Happy Easter. :)

  9. Didn't know about his LA photos. There was an exhibition of his Yosemite photos here a couple of years ago which we enjoyed.