Monday, October 1, 2012


We have a new addition in our household...
This is Joey...
and he's a verrrry nice cat.

He's just about 3 times bigger than our smallest kitty...Sadie...
He's in his "safe" room most of the time...and has had a few "chance" encounters
with both Sadie and Cleo.  
Sadie is a bully...she's as sweet as can be, a snuggler, a lap cat...
but every once in awhile...she pounces...and not nicely....

She's also figured out how to climb the "fence" that we put up so the cats
could all see each other but not be in the same room...
She wasn't very nice to Joey when she got in...
and Joey... the gentle-man that he is...
didn't instigate a thing.

Well...we've changed tactics now.  
With the door closed, Cleo went in the room with Joey...
she went under the bed, and he stayed by his bed and food dishes...
they both laid there and growled periodically at first...
but as the day wore on, they were pretty quiet.
I was even able to leave them alone in the room together for short times!!!

One cat at a time...

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  1. Joey is adorable ~ do hope they all come to be at peace with each other ~ Great photo ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Hope they continue to progress toward a friendly relationship. Joey is a cutie!

  3. Thanks Kerri! He really is a handsome boy!!!

    I do to Carol! He's such a great cat...The only one I'm worried about finally settling down with him is Sadie...she's the one that has been causing problems...

    Thanks Bibi...he's a sweet, gentle boy too!!!

    Me too Pat!!!

  4. He's very handsome. I hope they all get used to each other very soon.

  5. Awwww...hopefully all will be better in no time!

  6. We hope so too Gunilla and Emily!!! It's tough keeping them all apart!!!

  7. hang in there, eventually they will figure out how to at least tolerate one another... and maybe become friends...I've seen it happen with our cats and dog over the years.

  8. Awww, congrats. I imagine Sadie is just establishing some ground rules.

  9. What an adorable face! When our second cat came, I expected much more fussing and hissing, but they did ok and now, about 9 months later, they are doing quite well.

  10. Can't wait to learn what Kelly thinks of the new addiition.

  11. Kelly gets along with everyone, both human and animal. She knows her place in the pecking order and it's not at the top. Cleo ignores her. When she and Sadie play Kelly gets slapped in the face and seems to think it's fun. She's mildly interested in Joey but keeps her distance. But, she doesn't like it when Sadie goes after Joey. She gets real nervous and tries to climb in your lap. All she wants is harmony in the house. Kelly has a gentle soul.

  12. Hello Joey!
    Our Tom Cat is much more gentle and easy-going than our Lady Cat.
    Great photo!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  13. Well, I do love me an orange kitty. That's a very sweet kitty you have there. Good luck with the intro process. Sounds like it's going so well!

    1. Oops. Sent too quickly... "So well," meaning you seem to be doing everything correctly. Girl Kitties can be tough customers. :-)

  14. And Kelly loves her papa!!!

    I've heard that more and more Lea!!! My little Sadie is an absolute sweetie with me...but holy terror with Joey!

    Thanks Adele...I'm learning more about cats than I ever had over my entire lifetime of having cats!!! All my current kitties are very special in their own way...but boy are they quirky!!!

  15. Judy - So CaliforniaOctober 7, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    Kathy, Sorry I've been out of touch and missed some news here. Congrats to the family! Must have something to do with the name - our Sadie is the same way but time helps all and I am sure in a bit of time they will all settle into their places - wherever that may be. Joey is a handsome boy for sure!

  16. Thanks Judy!!! Glad to have you back visiting!!! Funny that your Sadie is the same way!!! We're hoping to start getting them integrated during the next week or two...