Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Know You're in LA When...

Need a maid???


  1. That just cracked me up!!! I would probably not adjust well to life in LA.

  2. I uh...wait, seriously?

    I cleaned some houses in my younger days and the one thing I explained was "me naked, it costs more. YOU naked, it costs a LOT more!".

    yeah. NO!

    wv: was ectogal
    no wonder I left LA!

  3. $99.00!!?, the place better be spotless for that kind of money.

  4. Ha! Love it. I wonder if they're men....then topless wouldn't be so shocking...but then, there's that phone number to consider....

  5. Now that is something else. Do they have butlers?

  6. Hahaha!!! I love your reactions!!!

    That's just the tip of the so called iceberg Danielle!!!

    No topless maids in Sweden LadyFi???

    Trish...I won't even clean house topless in my own home with all the drapes drawn and no one in the house!!!

    Don't know if it'll be spotless Wayne...they only promise HUGE!!!

    Hmmm...never thought about that twist Bibi!!!

    Guess we could call the number Margaret and find out!!!

    Glad you all enjoyed my little side trip to LA!!!

  7. yeah, Chieftess, no one ever took me up on it, but it was my way of explaining I wasn't into that sort of thing.

    I've been known to pick up while running thru to grab fresh laundry while just out of the shower, but I don't clean without being fully dressed either!

  8. I'm not sure my wife agree !
    Best regards from Paris,


  9. Aren't all the beaches in Europe topless Pierre??? LA has to resort to topless maids!!!

  10. As Neal Young would have said "A man needs a maid"... What would be really funny is if all these maids were huge but very old. Ha-ha!

  11. PS - I snapped a photo of a Happy Hooker (tow truck) on the 405 a while back. LOL.

  12. Haha Tash!!! You cracked me up!!!

    Too bad I missed the Happy Hooker tow truck...would've made a great pair!!!