Friday, October 12, 2012

A Morning Surprise and Skywatch Friday too!!!

Look what I woke up to!!!

Kelly L-O-V-E-S the snow!!!
She went right out to the corner of the deck with the most snow and 
plopped down!!!  She then began licking the snow...
I had to give her a tug or two to get her to come back inside!!!

For Skywatch Friday...
another peak at Mammoth Lake's Camelot Castle...
unfortunately, my entry to Petrea's "Camelot where are you?" contest 
has already posted...but I thought this was another good one!!!

Petrea's contest is to celebrate her soon to be published first book
Camelot and Vine!!!
Check out her website for more information about her book...

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  1. Wow, can't believe you guys got snow already!

  2. It's really not all that unusual for us to get a snow storm in October Spare Parts...the unfortunate thing is that it will probably affect the fall colors...

  3. It's raining here for the first time in ages but it's not the same, thankfully.

  4. It's definitely a sign that winter's around the corner LOL!!!

    I've found that I prefer snow to rain Wayne!!! At least up here...for one between snow storms it's invariably clear blue skies and sunny with pretty white snow glittering!!!

  5. Wow, you've got snow already ! Lucky you ! And under the tree it looks a bit like a shape of heart, in my opinion... Nice !

  6. Beautifully captured!!

    Sunrise Views, come and see.
    HAVE a great weekend!

  7. Amazing!!!
    Always thought that Californian winters aren't cold at all... was I that wrong?

    Have a nice weekend,


  8. I saw the heart too 'Tsuki!!! Thanks!

    Thank you Chubskulit!!!

    Hi Gaby! Generally speaking you'd be right...we live in the Eastern Sierras which run down the east side of the state along the Nevada border. We live at 8000 feet at one of the top ski resorts in the US. Dave McCoy discovered that Mammoth gets the most snow in the Sierras when he worked as a hydrologist and began developing it as a ski resort starting with a single rope tow. We have over 20 chair lifts and is the second largest ski mountain. And the best snow!!!

  9. That last shot is beautiful!
    Cute dog too!

  10. Natural ice cream - what more could a dog want!

  11. I will recognize this peak for ever more!

  12. I know you will Petrea!!! Although here it's now known as Mammoth's real name is the Minarets!!!

  13. Oh, not ready. Hope it holds off here for quite a while or doesn't show up. Don't like snow in the city. That last photo is a stunner.

  14. thanks Bibi! Fortunately, it was just a dusting of's warmed up considerably again and we probably won't see snow again until November!!!

  15. Love sweet Kelly and glad she likes the snow cause....well you know! :)

    Stay warm......for a long time girl!

  16. Thanks Virginia!!! Today we hiked up to a small lake above us...Kelly couldn't decide which she liked better...playing in the water or playing in the patches of snow!!!

  17. Looks like Kelly is okay with the next season making its way toward you. Beautiful snow and Beautiful Kelly!

  18. She loves winter snow Adele!!! Thanks!

  19. You got snow before us in Stavanger.
    (Well, we have snow up in the mountains and further north in Norway.

    Keep warm and enjoy the season.

  20. We're in the mountains Gunn!!! 8000 feet!!! This snow came and now is long gone...but we're expecting snow again next week!!!