Monday, October 15, 2012

A Flower of the Field...

"Nothing is more fleeting than the external form,
which withers and alters like the flowers of the field 
at the appearance of autumn."
Umberto Eco

I didn't recognize the name Umberto Eco so I checked wikepedia...
He's a 20th/21st Century philosopher and writer...
You might recognize the name of his first novel, The Name of the Rose...
It was made into the movie of the same name starring 
Sean Connery and Christian Slater...
Saw the movie...didn't read the book!!!

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  1. Your photo really did capture the feeling of a dying flower.

  2. I adore these colors.

  3. Thank you Andy and Hiker!!! I love these colors too Hiker!!!

  4. Ah, the deep yellow of fall blooms. So lovely. We didn't get up to Mammoth this summer :( -- must be the 1st time in years we did not, so going thru your photos is a real treat.
    I've read part of The Name of the Rose, and part of Foucault's Pendulum, and a lot of The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, but have yet to finish any of his work. I did see the Name of the Rose movie though. I think I will just be happy with that.

  5. gorgeous macro shots. :)

    Why not link to Blo-Ma also? Next edition is tomorrow if you like to checke it out.

  6. Looks like autumn, just love those warm colors.

  7. I've heard of Foucault's Pendulum too...after reading the bio on Wiki...I'm thinking he's a bit too, too, ...well... maybe just too much!!!

    Thanks NatureFootstep!!! I'll check out Blo-Ma!

  8. Thanks Janet!!! Defintely an autumn flower!!!

  9. Love these autumn flowers. I'm noticing them so much more this year (my first as a Daily Photo blogger). Going to have to watch this movie.

  10. Adele...It's amazing how much more you notice as a photographer...I see the world very differently now!!!