Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pondering the Moment...

"That pleasure which is at once the most pure, 
the most elevating and the most intense,
is derived, I maintain,
from the contemplation of the beautiful."
Edgar Allen Poe

Absorbing the beauty of the moment...

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  1. The pooch is thinking, "Day-um! Is it EVER going to warm up?!"

  2. Thanks LadyFi!!!
    Ya know << Louis >>, you just might be right...she's looking at the lake that she loves to swim much as she likes the snow, she really does love to swim!!!

  3. Ha, love Louis' comment. I adore this photo. Bibi doesn't mind the snow, but needs a coat. Then she frolics.

    Perfect quote, too.

  4. Kelly loves the snow too Bibi!!! Early last summer we hiked up to a small lake where there were still patches of snow. Kelly ran back and forth from the snow to the lake...she couldn't decide which she wanted to play in...

  5. Yes, I do miss the snow - so here I am :). Love your photo here.

  6. While absorbing the beauty, she's also keeping an eye out for squirrels.

  7. Such an unlikely quote by Poe, don't you think?

  8. "I like to fall down in the snow" :-)

  9. Always glad to help out LOL!!!

    I think you've got her pegged SRQ!!

    I agree Margaret! I was surprised when I saw that it was by Poe!

    And roll in the snow, and lie in the snow, and eat the snow!!! Thanks James!!!