Saturday, September 21, 2013


If my mom was still with us...

She'd be 100 years old today...

Happy Birthday Mother!!!
(yes...that's me too!!!)

If my dad was still with us...

He'd have been 100 on May 24 this year...

My mom passed away just a few months short of her 90th birthday...
and my dad was 83...

I can't believe it's been such a long time...

I'm the youngest of 3 daughters...
an "oops" baby...when my parents were nearly  40...

that makes me...
let's not go there!!!


  1. A nice tribute to your parents. I love old photographs.

  2. Time passes quickly...lovely photos of your parents.

  3. I wasn't so much an oops as an "oops, it's a another girl." You have your mother's lovely smile.

  4. I was an oops...and an" oops it's another girl" Hiker!!! If I had been a boy...I would have been John Eugene...I'm glad I was a girl!!!

  5. That's a beautiful photo of you and your mom. You and your dad's smiles are infectious!

  6. Love both the photos, and the memories.

  7. I'm the youngest of three girls too. I think I was supposed to be a boy.

  8. tiden går alt for raskt, men fine minner du har.

  9. Thanks Wayne!!! My dad and I were doing what we both loved!!! Waterskiing and boating!!!

    Thanks Petrea!!!

    I was definitely supposed to be a boy Margaret!!!

    Mennä nopeasti Dirk...Olen hämmästynyt, että olen niin vanha kuin minä olen...Edelleen tuntuu nuori nainen ajo vene!

    It does go by quickly Dirk...I'm amazed that I'm as old as I am...I still feel like the young woman driving the boat!!!

  10. You have been lucky to have your parents around for so many years!
    Keep all the good and happy memories!

    And take good care of films and pictures you have!

  11. Beautiful, nostalgic photos. I can see resemblances.

  12. I love the photos and reading your loving thoughts. Happy memories!