Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alpine Speedsters...

"But officer...according to my speedometer...I never went above 5 miles per hour!!!"

"Yeah, RIGHT!!!"


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you're getting the hang of things over there.

  2. We are Margaret!!! Unfortunately, we're also having so much fun with friends visiting and short jaunts to visit friends and the Chief teaching a class in Shell Beach, we haven't been home and I've been lagging in my Daily Photo duties! I'll be posting tomorrow!!!

  3. lol...blogger does let you pre-post and set a post time in the future if you want. hasn't helped ME with my blog a ton, but it is available! ;-)

    and...just looked at the weather station on your page...says it is 30 but FEELS like 18...brrr! I was chilly wearing shorts out to the car last night when it was a damp 48F!

  4. Hi Trish!!! I've done the pre-posting...but we've either been out of town or had guests one on top of the other and I finally ran out of gas and just didn't have time in between to do the pre-posting...

    It was quite chilly today...felt much colder than it looked! After being in the 80's on the Central Coast, I figured I just lost my tolerance!!!

  5. Trust me, I blog wanes a bit---tho the intent wasn't a daily posting anyway.

    and yup, the weather in the low-lands has been delightful---I even wore shorts for a skosh on Tuesday. Funny, no one around here looked at me funny---as they did when I was in LA a week ago and wearing shorts when it was 65F!

    Enjoy the rest---all that shoveling, trudging and fighting with snow can be tough!