Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back Again!!!

Guests up here last week and a short trip down to the Central 
Coast to visit some other friends put a dent in my daily blogging...
Darn!!!  This daily blogging is hard to keep up with!!!  
But, I have good news!!!  I may have fixed my camera!!!  I was having trouble with my shutter click and focal point...wouldn't you know, these darned computer driven cameras have a way to reset to default!!!  Hopefully, that will be the end of my shutter issues...

In the meantime...these are a few photos taken with my droid phone from the plane when I was returning from Oregon...
A breathtaking landing, if ever I saw one!!!


  1. From your phone! I can't even figure out how to work mine.

  2. It's easier than you might think...what's hard for me is keeping track of the darn thing...lost my new one 4 months after getting it...

  3. Gorgeous and soft and blue... Just lovely!