Monday, January 3, 2011

A little respite from the cold and snowy...

So SORRY!!!  I thought I posted all the way through Sunday... you can see...I was away for the weekend...getting a bit sun...


  1. Wow - such lovely sun too!

  2. Oh, yet again, you show off.

  3. who gave YOU a hall pass away from the hill? ;-)

    oh, wait, I'm getting one later this week...guess I shouldn't talk!

    hope you're having a great time away from the snow!

    wv: with all the snow y'all are storin on that hill!

  4. The Chieftess and I spent New Years at an old friend's fabulous beach house at Capistrano Beach. We've been going there for over 40 years. It's the perfect beach house, right on the sand, with spectacular views. Six couples, all friends since High School, spent the night celebrating New Years - at least those of us who were able to stay up until midnight.

  5. Only DB has been going here for 40 years...I'd like to say it's because I'm not old enough to say's cause we've only been married for 8!!! But the friends were friends of mine about that long ago too...same high school, a year behind!!! One of the side benefits of marrying the Chief was reconnecting with old friends!!!

  6. Thank you all!!! Right now I'm looking out at gray skies but lot's of green on the ground... and this clear stuff coming out of the clouds...can't quite figure out what that is!!! It's falling like snow, but clear...I have a vague memory of this phenomenon...