Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It was a beautiful day...

For snow shoeing!!!

At Tamarack Lodge, where the lodge rents cross country skis and maintains cross country trails, you can also rent snow shoes.  And it just so happened that this past weekend, they had a naturalist guided snow shoe tour...

Our friends Sharron and Steve were visiting and we all decided to join the tour...
This is Julie, one of the tour guides, getting started...
What a beautiful day...
What a fun time!!!


  1. Dear Chieftess,
    Must have been a great experience on such a lovely day!

  2. If i can get up there we are not going snow shoeing or whatever it's called. We're sitting by the fire and drinking.

  3. It was a delightful experience Elisabeth!!!

    Not to worry Virginia...sitting next to the fire with a glass of wine is just as delightful!!!

  4. That photo looks like a postcard. Beautiful!