Thursday, January 20, 2011

If you look real close...

It's Monarch Butterfly season in Pismo Beach!!!

Now what does this have to do with Mammoth????  Absolutely nothing!!!
We were visiting the Central Coast Sunday through Tuesday...
took some time to go see the Monarchs...
I'm thinking I need a macro lens...
How long is it til Christmas comes again???


  1. Lucky you. Looks like you had some beautiful weather. Hope it warmed you up to last a while.

  2. Blue, blue, blue sky. You're a pro now; the lens will be a write-off.

    WV: Reali

  3. looks like I need to head over to the groves nearby to check on "our" monarchs! nothing quite like sitting out, watching them flitter around!

  4. was in the low 80' definitely warmed us up!!! Fortunately, it's unseasonably warm up here now the high forties!!! Which up here is darned warm!!!

    Nice thought Hiker!!! I'll talk to my tax man!!!

    Very peaceful Trish!!! Better to go when it's cooler...more butterflies will be there...when it's warm, the swarm out looking for food...

    Thanks All!!!