Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Baaaack!!!

And it's "Z" day for ABC Wednesday!!!


Ok...Z is for Zoo...
but not the regular Zoo with Zebras and other exotic animals...

These animals are at home in Quail Hollow Farm...
Oregon...aka my big sister's house...yep...she's a gentlewoman farmer!!!

Now, I do need to qualify my choice of pics...
These are from my last trip to Oregon...
This past week was busy taking care of my sis after her surgery,
and of course hanging out in pajamas, coercing shy, gigantic kitties to come sit in my lap, watching a marathon of the Ghost Whisperer, and of course, lot's of cooking and eating...
It must have worked because she's recovering quite nicely!!!

Soooo...I only took a couple of pictures...ok...5, but all of the same thing!'s not a sunset from our deck in's sunset in the Willamette Valley!!!
Elmira, my lil' big sis' house!!!

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  1. I love your sister's menagerie. My daughter's new school offers farming as an elective. She liked it, but it was hard work.

  2. Dial up only? How uncivilized. Actually, a vacation from the net could probably do most of us some good.

    What Margaret said about the menagerie. Does she make yarn?

  3. My sister got into "gentlewoman farming" for two loves agriculture and always wanted to live that life...she fought to save Pearce College Farm while she lived down here. A friend of hers moved to Eugene to also become a gentlewoman farmer and when Margo went up there to visit, she fell in love with the area...a few months later and we were going up for her house inspection!!! The second reason she's up there with alpacas and a sheep is because she really got into spinning when working with the farm. Right now though, she has a bunch of wool and no yarn! Her friend however, is spinning away...lookind for some hand spun yarn???

  4. We're happy to see you are back!
    «Louis» is adding your blog to his blog roll in the right sidebar.

  5. I like that alpaca's hair cut. You and your sis both live in beautiful locales. Smart women.