Thursday, May 5, 2011

After Convict Lake...Crowley Lake!!!

Now Crowley reminds me of the lakes I used to waterski waterskiing here though least not on opening day of fishing season!!!
(and not anytime...LOL!)

Lot's of sitting back, taking in the scenery while throwing that line in the water and 
waiting patiently for a bite!!!

Shouldn't there be a flag and water skiier???


  1. Sigh - just spectacular!

  2. I've always wanted to go fishing...especially after seeing these serene photos! ;D

  3. flag and skiier? YOU FIRST Chieftess! ;-) brrrr.

    I'm gonna go wait for our expected 85F today. But I'll be thinking about sitting with a pole in hand, waiting for that tug from underwater!

  4. Thanks LadyFi!!!

    I think we have an extra fishing pole in the garage Kaori!!!

    Wet suits Trish!!! Actually...I've never skied up in the Eastern Sierras...Although I believe there is some skiing in one or two of the lakes...and yep...I believe it would be wet suit mandatory!!!

  5. Since we've been in the 90s the past couple of days, icy water holds great appeal. What do they catch?

  6. As near as I can figure Hiker...various kinds of Trout and for the icy water...Brrrrrrr!!!!

    Thanks is!!!

  7. absolutely beautiful.

    I told ya---they catch fishsicles!

    am not sure I'd be willing to get into the melted snow, even with a wet suit! Even at 92F at the moment!

    have fun with the fishies!

  8. I might put my feet in the water...