Monday, May 2, 2011

Merry Fishmas!!!

It's been the standard greeting around here...

Convict Lake, CA

...for opening weekend of FISHING SEASON!!!

"Wherever the fish are, that's where we go."
Richard Wagner


  1. Most years the wind would come up over opening weekend and the fishermen would come back to fish in our backyard in the Gorge.
    Your blog sure does take me down memory lane. I'm not usually nostalgic but when I see your shots, especially those of, Round Valley suddenly it's the 80's with my boys in Round Valley school and Hubby an I riding bikes up to Rovana, along the reservoir and back to the gorge.

  2. Thank you WinchesterDP!!! One thing that I noticed while visiting the different lakes yesterday was just how peaceful and quiet it was while everyone was out there enjoying the sun, the beauty of the lakes and the camaraderie of fishing with friends or the solitude and peace of fishing by was very quiet!!! Not even the boats really disturbed the quiet...

    I love it when my blog photos trigger good memories Martha Z!!! When did you live up here...and where???

  3. am sure it is warmer, but those lakes are STILL melted snow. Them's are fishsicles, not quite unfrozen fish yet! ;-)

    beautiful tho and very peaceful looking. which is why I used to sit on the porch at the cabin, tossing and reeling in from the dry creek. biggest thing I ever caught was a large pine branch--but they are pretty easy to clean!

  4. Brrrr... somehow, I think that the water might be just a bit chilly! I guess that the fish are happy.

    I love the way you captured the diamonds on the water's surface... let's hear it for liquid ice!


  5. Hmmm...fishicles...that may be why only one person that I saw actually caught a fish!!!

  6. Wow ... what magnificent scenery!

  7. Definitely an idyllic spot to sit and contemplate the wonders of nature while waiting for the fish to bite!!!