Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another New Friend???

Now don't get any ideas...

...she is not a new family member...

...just an absolutely precious pup Pat ("Bibi") and I saw at Starbucks when we met 
the other day!!!

In case you're wondering...her human told us that she's a Labradoodle...
and what a well behaved little one she was too!!!


  1. Oh my - cute overload!

  2. I love the expression on her face, very cute! Paul at Leeds photography

  3. Awwwwww. How cute she is! Tell Bibi hello for me. I have wondered about where she was. TEll her I miss her.

  4. I can't resist visiting with any cute little doggy face I come across in my travels. This one is adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such a lovely comment. You're welcome to visit any time.

  5. wow...doesn't look old enough to be out at starbucks yet!

    looks like that tongue could just slurp up the side of your face and that soft head is meant for kissing.


  6. My thoughts exactly LadyFi!!!

    Hi Paul!!! I loved the one with the tongue...such a cute face!!!

    V...Bibi is already on her way back up to Seattle...She's been quite busy and hasn't been able to comment much...but she'll be back to it soon!!!

    Adorable isn't even the half of it Carolynn!!! She was such a sweetie!!! You've got a delightful blog and I'll be stopping by frequently!!!

    Exactly Trish!!! She slurped us all when we got up to pet her!!!

  7. this face!!! (And slurpy kisses!!!)

  8. Labradoodle...what a great "breed" name. Such a sweet face.

  9. Thank you Sergio!!! Glad you came back for another visit!!!

    I agree Malyss!!!

    Tash...Labradoodle's a are supposed to be a great mix...From what I've seen about this mix on the internet...this little gal's going to be getting more and more curly fur...

    And such sweet slurpy kisses too EG Wow!!!

  10. I love how you wrote "her human!" hehe. She has the most adorable eyes!