Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"S" is for Serbia and Sharing in Rotary's International Exchange!!!

Pat...aka "Bibi" of  Yankee-in-Belgrade Daily Photo Blog surprised me with a call saying she was in Bishop visiting an old friend.  We arranged to get together and met yesterday at Starbucks...
(Our local Looney Bean is closed pending remodel and change of ownership)
I also had the opportunity of meeting her friend from high school who has lived in Bishop for quite some time!!! our house...

Part-y!!!  PART-Y!!!  Part-y!!!

Last night, we had the pleasure of hosting a dinner party for the 
Rotary Group Study Exchangevisiting from Peru.  
They came up from Bishop (it's a small world...Pat's friend hosted a dinner party for the Bishop Rotary and GSE team the night before!) and will be staying through Saturday.
Dinner was at our house...and wouldn't you know...those Peruvians sure like to party...
and the Mammoth noon club was right there partying along side!!!


  1. How cool is all this meeting up! Love it.

  2. Oh what an exciting life you lead! Looks like some party...what kind of dance do they do in Peru? And of course, meeting up with friends is always fun :D

  3. Very fun Julie!!!

    Very salsa like...a lot of Latin hip action!!! It's definitely been fun!!!

  4. Sounds exhausting - yet fun to meet up with so many different people!

  5. Hi! I enjoyed meeting you yesterday, too, and will be visiting you regularly when I return to Belgrade. Just too hectic now! Looks like the Peruvians are having a good time...

  6. bloggers as party animals. who woulda thunk?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. All right! You guys met. Great photo of the 2 of you, and what a party!

  8. Quite a hooly! I'm still chuckling over your dead naked king comment...

  9. Wednesday was only the beginning VioletSky!!! We've got our Peruvian group here until Saturday, then personal friends coming in for the weekend!!! A busy week indeed!!!

    It was wonderful meeting you too Bibi!!! Check out Thursday's post for my pics of the pup!!!

    I know Roger...I think we are all a fun group of people!!! I got my first taste of blogging partiers at the San Gabriel Valley yearly bloggers picnic...then a rip roaring tour with Virginia from Birmingham Alabama when she was out here visiting!!! I love that blogging provides such a wonderful opportunity to learn about other countries, cultures, customs...and provides opportunities to meet people from all over the world...much like Rotary International!!!

    Tash, thank you for mentioning me up here in Mammoth to Bibi when you and she visited in PV...we had a delightful meeting!!!

    A hooly??? Must be Scottish for "a darn good time"!!!
    Yep...there's a poster of all the emblems...the naked king is somewhere in the middle as I remember... I think it's the Dalziel clan....

  10. Hi Pat! Hope you had a blast in California! You hit all the hot spots!