Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"P" is for People!!!

Strangers #2 and #3 of 100!!!
All decked out for a great weekend of fishing!!!

While I didn't get their names, they were gracious enough to let me Photograph them in all their gear...
ready and very well decked out for opening weekend I'd say!!!

This gentleman is not Part of my official 100 Strangers count as it's a candid shot...
but I loved his gear and the interesting "float tube" that he fished from!  

Plenty of People Partaking in a Particularly fun and relaxing sport!
Also a candid shot, so not Part of my 100 Strangers count!


  1. Wonderful shots.

    But...does the Police Chief know you're out taking Photos of strange People in Public?

    wv: uncleap...what one must do to get out of all that gear one wears to stay warm and dry while fishing this time of year!

  2. well, hell, that didn't work...supposed to bold the P's...guess I didn't mind my P's and Q's! ;-)

  3. Friendly strangers; you must be a nice stranger.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Those fishing guys mean business, the fish better hide deep.

  5. Thanks Trish!!! yes...TheChief's also my argument for getting another dog!!!

    Thanks Roger!!! I try to be!!! They were a bit befuddled that I would want to take a pic of them...I gave them my card with my blog on it so perhaps they've visited???

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Joy!!! I do believe they all mean business!!! And the according to the conversations I overheard...the fish were definitely hiding deep!!!

  6. fantastic and I love your first entry to your flickr group too, everyone must be very friendly where you are.

  7. You know Justine...that's one of the perks of having moved up here...the people are all very friendly...locals and tourists alike. People smile and wave while driving past, whether they know you or's pretty wonderful!!!

  8. Friendly people are the best kind.

  9. love all the shots! what a great way to make new friends!

  10. I'm all for getting another dog---when you're ready. For now, am sure the Chief can keep you well protected...most of the time!

    Keep taking pix!

  11. Thanks Kate and Halie!!! And welcome!!! Glad you stopped by to visit and comment!

    Thanks Trish...