Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another sign of spring...

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."
Gerard De Nerval

Well, darn it!!!  I pre-posted early again!!!


  1. Is blogger giving you trouble lately? Mine doesn't publish automatically sometimes...weird.

    Anyways, this shot is fabulous! Love how the color of the bloom stands out. I wonder what kind of flower it is? :-D

  2. Is that a rock rose?

  3. Hi Kaori! Yes...I've pre-posted twice where it posted directly rather than scheduling it. I also have trouble when I try to make a goes to blogger sign in even though I'm already signed in...small issues given the last time it went down!!! And thank you!!!

    Hiker...Coming from my family, I should know flowers and birds...but don't ask me!! I do think it is a rose of some sort. The leaves reminded me of the little climbing rose we used to have in our back yard...

  4. Time to sell this as a poster! So lovely. I esp. like the burr of the wire next to the rose.

  5. You are getting some gorgeous flowers in the upper altitudes. Wow.

  6. Thank you Tash!!!!

    We are Petrea!!! I hope to shoot some more soon!!!

  7. This picture would make a fabulous postcard, or even a poster that i'd like to have on my wall; So Poetic!

  8. Thank you Linda and Malyss!!!

    If you're interested in a print Malyss, email me!!! I haven't updated RedBubble in a while, but should be doing that soon...I can include this pic!!!