Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Under Construction...CDP "T"heme Day (and ABC Wednesday!)

Townies a bit Touchy over new Town Trial venue...

The new courthouse under construction in Mammoth Lakes is a bit of a Touchy
subject with Townfolk These days...

The State of California apparently has one or Two approved architectural designs 
for new court houses and This is one...
The Town Tried valiantly to Talk the Titular state Team in charge of putting up The 
new building, but apparently They must have Thought The Town wanted a Tent or 
something equally Tacky instead of a Tectonic design That blended more with the
 Tamarack ambience of Mammoth...
Ah well...while some may believe this Tort should result in a Trial in and of itself, 
I think now That it's almost done, our only recourse is To finally  accept
This Tawdry Tax expenditure on our Terra firma...


  1. TOO bad that THIS TRAVESTY has TESTED THE TOWN'S patience!

  2. Oh dear, don't know enough of the facts to comment, but you've done a Terrific job of Telling us the issues. And it is a nice reflection.

  3. I see you taking future Weekend Reflection photos here! Wonderful photo for theme day despite all the controversies :D

  4. Wow! More controversy over construction! Seems to be rampant, huh? Gorgeous shot, btw!

  5. This happens so often, in so many places. Look at the Twin Towers fiasco at the World Trade Center! How many years is it...

  6. Too True Roger!!!

    Thanks Francisca!!! It's actually not all that just doesn't fit into the woodsy look we prefer up here!!! It would probably look great in the city!!!

    Yep...some great reflections Kaori!!!

    I know Laurie...we just can't get away from it!!!

    Welcome Meryl!!! Glad you stopped by to visit and comment!

  7. It reflects nicely on you. :-)

  8. Great photo of the controversary [also treated well]!
    Happy ABC Wednesday

  9. Ohhhh...pshaw!!! Thank you Berowne!!! And thanks for visiting and commenting!!!

    Thank you Nonizamboni!!! And welcome!!! Glad you stopped by for a visit!!!

  10. What could better than that fabulous reflection in the glass. Whew!

  11. You're right. It hardly seems to fit. The mountains, of course, are outstanding.

  12. I'd love to see how it holds up in the first REAL winter, or even one of those famous Mammoth quakes. I'd suspect in a few years y'all might have some issues that'll need addressing. Oops! Not to say that concrete block doesn't hold prisoners in (or even lawyers) but, there is a way to make it look like it fits into the area---and this ain't it!

    This would be why I yell when I pay taxes---so often the taxes I and every other Californian pays, are mis-used. ARGH!

  13. The one plus Virginia, is the window reflections!!! Unfortunately, Trish is right...we tend to have quakes up here...could be a bit problematic in the long run!

    Thanks Tumblewords...It's just a bit modern and angular!!! Our town features a more folksy, mountany (is that a word???) ambience...unfortunately, this is right at the entrance to the town...

    I feel your pain Trish!!!

  14. I've noticed that public buildings often invite criticism while being built. Soon everyone will be used to what it looks least that's what usually happens here.

  15. Actually EG Wow...I'm already pretty used to it and don't think it's as out of place as most of the townfolk do...but then I was a city girl up until last July so what do I know???!!!

  16. Troubling site, terrific photograph!

  17. Thanks Tash...the saving grace is the windows...hopefully they're weather and earthquake safe!!!