Thursday, June 16, 2011

In case you were wondering...

...just how much snow we had this year...

I took these on Wednesday (yep..June 15) at Lake Mamie...
With well over 600 inches of snow over the season....
is it any surprise we still have all this white stuff? alleviate the suspense...
please meet Kelly...the newest addition to our furry family!!!!

She's 15 mos old, and came to us from Forever Friends Golden Retriever Rescue...
We managed to find a rescue that saw past the lack of 6 foot fences and figured out a way to 
have a home inspection with out being in the same area!!!

Thank you FFGRR!!!

Kelly and I went driving around yesterday, checking out her new town...
She particularly liked the snow up by Lake George!!!

She chewed it...

She chased flying snowballs that disappeared when they hit the ground...

She shook it...

She chased it...

She ate it...

She shook it some more...

She romped in it...

And then she collapsed!!!

She's settling in nicely...

except...remember that contented kitty from Tuesday???

She's a bit huffy today because she's got Kelly scared to be in the same room with her!!!

Things have settled a bit...but Kelly has learned just how formidable 
a middle aged, clawless cat can still be!!!



  1. Oh my - that is a lot of snow. And Kelly looks adorable! How old is she?

  2. She's 15 months! Still a bit of a pup, but pretty much full grown. This was her first experience in snow...she didn't get out much in her previous home...up here she's exploring the world and lovin' life!!!

    (Except for when she thinks Cleo is nearby!!!)

  3. That's a great portrait of the fisherman with the lake and SNOW! The doggie sure was having fun in the snow!

  4. Is that Calli? She looks like she's having fun.

  5. I'm so happy for you! Kelly has a beautiful head. (Cleo is smart to lay down the ground rules right away.)

  6. Yes it is, Miss Kasey, and thanks for helping pick her out!

  7. Oh my! Your last photo is hilarious! But wow, the amount of snow you still have left is incredible. You could have shaved ice all year round! :D

    PS: Thank you so much for your suggestions regarding the SLR. Still considering options but will let you know if I get one!

  8. Thanks Leif!!! I thought it was fun seeing him fishing without a shirt...against the snow and ice on the lake and mountains!!!

    Yes Kasey!!! But we've decided to keep the name Kelly instead of Calli...your grandpa thinks she's Irish!!!

    Thanks Hiker!!! She is a beauty!!! And Cleo has done a magnificent job of letting her know who's boss!!! Miss Daisy always knew too!!!

    Kasey was an excellent dog picker helper!!!

    Thanks Kaori!!! It IS amazing how much snow we still have!!! It's almost completely gone by our house...the lakes we went to yesterday are at about 1000 feet higher elevation than where we are!!! Glad to help with the SLR...anytime!!!

  9. Welcome Kelly!

    Looks like she had a lot of fun in the sun and snow! am sure the snow was nice and cool for her!

    glad she's not a Calli...we know one who rubs her nose raw "chasing" after leaves that blow---enuf they have to muzzle her on walks or she opens up her nose quickly!

    lol on clawless cat vs young dog...I need to send you my old story of the clawless siamese and the really dumb dobie who kept sticking his nose at her.

    happy happy on the newest addition!

    wv: acing...Kelly was acing her new home "test" by avoiding the cat...;-)

  10. Thanks Trish!!! She's a good girl for 15 months...she's still got to work on some manners though!!!

  11. well, manners tend to come around 3 years for most pups, 5 for anything lab related. Give her some time and lots of practice and she should be fine---tho, goldens usually have one or two "specialty items" they just won't do, no matter what. I call that a "feature" not a "bug" (the software engineer part of me won't go away!).

    have fun with the new arrival and congrats on rescuing her!

  12. Yeah, Trish...she needs some consistent reminders!!! I think her "specialty item" is stubbornness!!! If she doesn't want to do something, she just sits or stands there and won't budge!!! When we got home from playing yesterday, she wouldn't get out of the car...I left her in it with the door open...she wouldn't come out. I think she realized that if she came out and went upstairs, she'd have to face that evil she-kitty!!!

  13. What a gorgeous dog! Congratulations! I have friends who have goldens and they are the best dogs. In fact, I have one of them sitting in my office right now. She spent the night with me while her owner was out of town.

  14. LOL...that is something that goldens will do, or well, not do.

    Maybe she thot that if she didn't leave the car, she wouldn't have to go in with that hissing thing in that house and be safe in the car, since it is so much fun to drive around?!?!

    I'm taking care of a Shih-Tzu right now who, despite being just under 14lbs, can do what we call a full Shih-Tzu stop...down, claws into the ground, no, no no, I'm not moving, you can't make me. Upside is, she's 14lb, I can pick her up. Downside is, she can be a heavy 14lb! Am sure Kelly is a skosh over that 14lb mark!

    Is she food motivated at all? If so, a little enticement to get out of the car and into the house sometimes helps.

    Remember to give her a treat when she comes back home, whether from a walk or whatever---trains them to come home when they are hungry, if they ever take off and rewards them for finding the house too (after you can wring their necks for taking off;-)

    wv: wangier...hope that's nothing like the weiner jokes going around...

  15. Thanks Sharon!!! Glad you stopped by to visit and comment too!!!

    Trish...Exactly!!! I figure she's just avoiding all that unpleasantness. Although now she's trying to get that hissing thing to just play!!! And yes...just a skosh more than 14 lbs!!! Next week she and I are going to settle in to some more regular training...

  16. I am so happy that you found Kelly and that Kelly found you. I'm sorry kitty is a bit disgruntled. That's some hissed off face.

  17. I love Kelly! She's a beauty and a sweetie. All parties concerned are obviously fortunate, except perhaps the cat.

  18. Thanks Margaret and Petrea! Cleo will get over it...the bigger question is how will Sadie, the stubborn, spoiled calico take having a new dog?

  19. Kelly is just darling...what a wonderful sequence of her romp in the snow. She's such a lucky pup to have found her way to you.

  20. We're lucky too!!! She's a gem!!! Very gentle, relatively well behaved for a 15 month old pup!!! A bit stubborn, and terrified of the kitties!!!

  21. I'm so glad Kelly is now a member of your family. Congratulations! I knew the right golden would come into your life eventually. You're lucky to have each other. Yay!

  22. I missed all the excitement. She is lovely. A quizzical face and such a pretty shade of blonde. Nice to have a bit of youth romping about

  23. Thank you Susan!!! And I really appreciated your efforts to help in the process!!! Turns out that the Ventura Golden Rescue, Forever Friends Golden Retriever Rescue, is a true rescue! One of the things that I really liked about them is that they don't want their dogs to sit in foster care, but would rather place them with their family asap...unlike so many other rescues with dogs that have been in foster care forever!

    Thanks PA!!! She's definitely into youthful romping!!! She just can't figure out why the kitties don't want to play!!!