Thursday, June 30, 2011

Looking for a tractor???

I found this cool old tractor near the Benton Hot Springs Hotel...
there's actually quite a bit of old cars and wagons around this area.

We were at a fundraiser dinner Saturday night for the Eastern Sierra Land Trust 
where one of the speakers was a gentleman who had grown up in Benton
 and owned a considerable  amount of property in the area...
the crux of his property is his ranch and he pledged a great deal of his property to 
open land in perpetuity...part of what the land trust is all about.
At any rate, during the course of the talk, a slideshow was playing in the 
background...I was fascinated by the town sign that 
stated...population 13 1/2....

Heck...I'm from the big city...this just boggles my mind!!!


  1. love the angle you have shot this and what an interesting post!

  2. I'm always looking for tractors.

  3. 13 and a half??? hehe! That's very curious! Great shot of the tractor seat...I think I'd want some kind of cushion though :D

    PS: Thanks so much for the advice on the camera! Very much appreciate it!

  4. trying to reach you about ozzie the dog = ) btw LOVE your pictures!

  5. I'm not looking for a tractor, but I'd be in the market for a cushion! lol!

  6. Thank you Justine!!! I have to's one of my attempts at getting the bokeh effect in the background! You're still the master!!!

    Well come on down Wayne!!! I'm sure we can find you one!!!

    Yeah Kaori...I'm curious to know who the half is!!!

    I just emailed you Wahyas...

    I hear you on the cushion thing Madge!!!

  7. I have just the place for it.

  8. We drove home once last year thru Benton. Really cool. Lots of old stuff lying around. Nicely captured.

    And I've been catching up on your comments: You are moving this summer?????

  9. A perfect garden ornament Hiker!!!

    Thanks Tash! Yep...we're moving...across town!!! To Old Mammoth!

  10. I wasn't looking for a tractor but I seem to have found one.

  11. Well never know when a good tractor would come in handy!!!

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