Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anyone for a round of golf???

We can play 9 holes at this course...
or 18 at the other one here in town...
We can play pretty soon, the snow's almost gone!!


  1. That must be the most beautiful golf course ever!

  2. The nine hole course (Snowcreek) is in a meadow and every hole has views like this. It's difficult to play because after making a shot, you tend to look at the views instead of following the flight of the ball. This results in a lot of lost balls. The other course (Sierra Star) is cut out of the forest and is every bit as beautiful but in a different way. The challenge there is the bear that lives in a culvert near the
    8th green. He tends to distract your approach shot. And, at 8000 feet, the ball tends to go farther.

  3. that's not a sand trap, that's an icecap! ;-)

    Am not sure I'd get very far in trying to play a round of golf, standing there, staring at all that beauty!

  4. Lady Fi...Since I've never been to Scotland to see St. Andrews, I'm guessing you could be just about right!!! (Although Pebble Beach is pretty spectacular too!!!) of these days I'm gonna take some golf lessons!!!

    It was just about a month ago Trish!!!

  5. You gotta get us more shots of your backyard golf course, Chieftess1

  6. Hmmmm...that may be coming up Cafe!!!