Thursday, June 2, 2011

A sad end...

to what was probably a really great truck...


  1. A faded beauty!

  2. I really like the angle you took the first photo. You sure it's not just parked there, Chieftess? :D

  3. Don't count it yet. Maybe a restoration is around the corner? Maybe squirrels will take up residence and put in a Viking oven?

  4. This is my kind of photo. From what I can see it's still salvageable if someone wanted to take the time and the owner was willing to part with it.

  5. we used to have a place that ended up having DOZENS of vehicles "parked". Some crashed there, some were left, some just wouldn't go further. Land was sold, the new owner took DAYS to clear out the hidden vehicles off the property, with hot and cold running tow trucks to rid the property of the junkers.

    I have to say, that was one purty old Ford at one time and someone might be interested in fixing her up if she's not taken!

  6. I feel sad when I find old trucks parked in the woods like this.

  7. Hi Chieftess, Great pic, love the first one!!!

  8. K, I love this one, both the truck and the photo! Do you know what year it is?


  9. That it is Lady Fi!

    I wish it was just parked there Kaori...I had to climb through brush to get close enough for a photo...definitely a discard...

    I'd love to see a restoration here Margaret, it's really a good looking truck!

    I agree Wayne...if you want it, I'm sure the owner would part with it!!!'s sad, but I guess once one is discarded, people get the idea to drop the next one there...

    Me too EG Wow....

    Thanks Elisabeth!!! Glad you're back to visit!!!

    Thanks Genie...I don't know the year...I'll have to check with TheChief!!! Sounds like you've been on the go this past week and are off again...hope you get some time to breathe (and snap a few pics)!!!