Friday, June 3, 2011

It's a Sierra Wave!

"The Sierra Wave is a type of lenticular cloud created by winds that lift off the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California.  Known as lee waves, Sierra Waves form as winds hit the Sierra Nevada and are forced to rise, causing water vapor to condense as it cools and forming lenticular clouds on the leeward side of the mountain range. (that would be our side of the mountains!)  These clouds can remain stationary for many hours.  The formation of a Sierra Wave is dependent upon many factors, including wind speed and direction, leeward wind patterns, and water vapor.  Given that Sierra Waves are dependent on many variables their formation is unpredictable."

The Sierra Wave is also one of our Eastern Sierra radio stations!!!


  1. What a view, beautiful mountains.
    Great photo from you :)

  2. Ah, what a breath-taking view! Lovely!
    BTW, Fjallripan who commented before me lives near my relatives in Northeastern Sweden!
    Happy weekend

  3. That is so cool! I love clouds :D

    Hope you have a great start to this weekend!

  4. I love learning stuff.

  5. love the pic, love the look of soft strewn cotton over the snowy mtns!

    but them's some hi-falution words you're usin there honey! ;-)

  6. Welcome fjallripan!!! Glad you stopped by to visit and comment!

    Thank you Leif! Isn't it fun when we connect with people from all over the world via this blogging experience???

    Thank you Kaori! Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

    Glad that I can contribute to your education Hiker!!!

    Thanks Trish! As for the Hi-falutin words...I quoted the definition 'cause it was all over my head!!! Hiker probably figured it all out though!!!

  7. It's spectacular!

  8. Thank you LadyFi!!! Did you get your sky shots in England???