Monday, July 25, 2011

An Angelic Moment in Time...

I can assure you, that is not a halo over Kelly's head...
(Her halo is a bit rusty from all the water she's been in lately!)

Photo taken by my lovely granddaughter, Kieley...


  1. Wow - such a gorgeous shot!

  2. Heavenly. Kieley has been learning from the master.

  3. Thank you LadyFi!!! I think Kelly and Oscar like being in the camera's eye!!!

    Thank you Hiker!!! She did it all on her own!!!

  4. Precious shot of Kelly and I am certain that your artistry and creativity has been passed on in the gene pool and in example.


  5. I know Goldens too well, none deserved a halo!

    love the water look of her coat and the expectant look "you're gonna let me go out swimming, right momma?!"

    wv: digho...apparently, wv knows goldens too---diiiiiigho!

  6. This is just a breath of fresh air. Lovely!

  7. Thank you Genie!!! But no, not the same gene pool...she's my stepson's step daughter!!! But she certainly has the creative pull!!! She's nearly 14 and a darling girl...with talents galore!!!

    You nailed it Trish!!! But I have to say...she is trying so hard to be a good girl!!! She still has her puppy moments, as expected, but she's trying so hard!!! She is a sheer delight!!!

    Thank you Margaret!!! I think she and Scout would get along famously!!!

  8. She is adorable, that's what has kept her alive in her puppy moments! ;-)

    Most pups take until 3yrs to grow up (mostly). Labs and close relations often take til 5yrs (one we take care of is 11 and still a baby, but that's the parents training!).

    Hopefully soon she can be trusted to be offleash more. Tho as I explain to folks who claim "my dog is fine offleash"---leash laws aren't for YOUR dog, it is for what your dog runs into that might not be so well controlled!

    Looking forward to seeing Kelly grow up, tho those puppy moments are adorable!

  9. I think Kelly is reflecting on the heavenly life she's lucked into.

    Great shot, Kieley. Way to let the light and composition tell a story.

  10. Trish...Kelly had a ball today...we walked in a meadow, ending up at a small lake where she got to run and swim to her heart's leash!!! My friend that we were walking with also gave me some great tips for dog she's on her way!!! She's definitely a teenager at this point!!! really know how to make me blush!!
    Kieley did well with this one!!!