Saturday, July 30, 2011

Computer Glitch


Computer Glitch...

As in, no computer services until Tues...

Come back to visit on Wednesday...

Hopefully, we'll be up and running again, but if not, stay tuned, it won't be long!!!

A Kelly update...

She had knee surgery today to take care of a ""Luxated Patella"

The groove the tendon rests in to control the patella was too shallow and she 

frequently had her knee dislocate which consequently made her limp periodically.

But they brought up a special doc from San Diego to do the surgery, and she's 

doing fine...

In the meantime...please send good thoughts and prayers her way for a speedy 

and thorough recovery!!!


  1. I'm sorry you've got computer glitches and glad you get to take a rest while Kelly needs your attention.

    This is the same surgery Boz had, and we're glad we did it. The doctors told us if we didn't he would end up unable to use that leg as an older dog. We got two opinions; they were the same.

    The surgery has made it possible for Boz to enjoy life. He's still active and free from arthritis even now, at age 13. It was a good move.

    The recovery was no picnic, though!

  2. good job on getting Kelly the surgery she needs. good luck on the recovery, almost tougher on the humans than most dogs, I've found!

    and good luck with the computer glitch.

  3. Fingers crossed for your lovely dog!

  4. I hope she will soon be romping down the trail.

  5. How's the patient?

  6. Glad Kelly is on the mend. Hope your computer is fixed too. :)

  7. We've got internet!!!

    The company cancelled the internet before they were supposed to...and of course, the new internet folks couldn't hook it up until this week...Kelly's doing as well as can be expected.,,although she's still down at the hospital. She's on so many medications, and she's so big that I can't help her up and down the few stairs to the go we get her back on Monday. The surgery was successful. And Petrea...your experience with Boz gave me the resolve to make sure she got the surgery now rather than's tough for her, but in the long run, I believe it will be well worth it...just as in Boz's case!!!

  8. Best wishes to puppy dog. I am finally adding your blog to my list, so I will be back!!

  9. Thanks Petrea!

    Glad to have you back Bibi!!! Are you back in Serbia???