Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Picnic Time!!!

The Mammoth Lakes Women's Club Annual Summer Picnic...

Well...Kelly's a girl!!!
It was her first party...she did great!!!

And some of Mammoth's finest!!!

Mammoth Lakes Women's Club raises money through out the year to 
contribute to local non profit organizations...
One of the primary fundraisers is right here at the Snack Shack at
Shady Rest Soccer and Baseball Fields!


  1. yippiee! always nice to raise some money for the kids!

    no bears on the fields I presume?

  2. "Summer" picnic. And look at how you all are dressed! I wouldn't last a week up there, despite the massive doses of beauty.

  3. Petrea...We had a cooling trend last night...I think it got down to 38deg...

  4. Petrea...We've actually gotten quite used to the weather...I'm really not as cold here as down south...our house down south is in a canyon and it's a damp cold...up here, the dry cold is so much warmer, even though it's colder!!!

  5. wow kellys first party she must have had a blast
    love kasey

  6. It was Kasey!!! She loves all the attention!!!