Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"A" is for....ABC Wednesday!!!

It's a a A A a  Bear!!!!

Ok...So I know I'm jumping the gun here...
but this is my first bear sighting of the year...
and the first bear sighting up here for the granddaughters!!!
Fortunately...Granddaughter Kieley got the pics with her Droid phone...
Did I mention we have identical Droid phones...including case???

There were actually two bears up the tree...this little one, and a big mama bear...up higher...
It's absolutely Amazing just how high these big ol' bears can climb!!!


  1. Is that a Grizzly? With a cub?

    I don't think I'd have even stayed around long enough to take a picture. :-)

  2. I guess I *had* to ask about bears at the picnic last week...and bingo, here one is!

  3. Just a couple of California Black Grizzlies in the Sierras Wayne!!! We were there with Steve..."The Bear Whisperer" and he assured us we were all safe as we aren't part of their food chain!!! (The Bear Whisperer is a show on the Animal Planet channel...featuring Steve Searles and the Mammoth Black Bears...if you happen to run across it...check it's good tv!!!)

    Ask, and ye shall receive Trish!!!

  4. Wow. Now the only kind of bears I ever see in my part of the world are the 'teddy' variety; thank you for showing your images. x

  5. One of the perks of living in Mammoth, California!!! Where are you from Elizabeth?

  6. I've seen bears in Banff and in Tweedsmuir Park in BC. But I do know not to get between Mama and Baby! Great shots.

    abcw team

  7. ABOVE, ASTONISHING - that's what I say!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Aaaaaaamazing! What a thrill to see wild bears:-)

  9. Wow - amazing! A bear!

  10. I think you have an Absolutely Amazing A & B entry.

    hat amazing shots you got!!!

  11. Leslie...Yep! Rule number one...never get between a mama bear and her cub!!! Actually, the other bear up the tree was not related according to "TheBearWhisperer"...

    Thank you Roger!

    Thank you jabblog!!! And welcome!!! Glad you stopped by to visit and comment!

    Thank you so much Wanda!!! The bear photos were taken by my granddaughter, Kieley...on her Droid phone!!! I'm amazed at the quality of photos coming out of all of our phones these days!!!

  12. Those are beary wonderful photos of Teddy up in the tree! U R one cool and groovy grandma with a Droid!

  13. Why thank you Leif!!! I think that's one of the coolest compliments I've ever gotten!!!

  14. aaahhh scary!!! and absolutely amazing of course :)

  15. Thanks DJ...and thanks for visiting and commenting!!!