Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Reflections...

Have you ever been somewhere and wondered who was there before you???

Reflections of past visitors...

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  1. I wonder if Greg still loves Sue? (very much)

    It is interesting to reflect on those who have been here before us. Love the raging waters below!


  2. Not really the kind of reflection I had in mind but your header reflection more than makes up for it. :) That said I often wonder who was there before.

  3. Great shot with the roaring water and the great criss-crossing angles!
    Love your spin on reflections (sorry James, but I like the imaginative takes on the theme) and that it's of Sunday bridges too! You rock!

  4. I'm with Tash on this one... I like creative takes on themes... and this is a cool shot. I do NOT like people leaving their mark like this, but it's been done for centuries. One day I'll post some graffiti done in the 18C in a church! There are various times I wonder who preceded me, who crossed the bridge, who meditated in church, who walked a road of antiquity...