Saturday, July 23, 2011

Half Dome in Black and White....

Half Dome from Olmstead Point, Yosemite, California

One of the complaints about digital photography is the ability to 
manipulate the photograph......

Did you know that Ansel Adams worked with his photos in the darkroom?
He used filters, dodging and burning the light and darks to just his satisfaction...

I'm so relieved!!!  

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  1. All the dark and light shades in this photo is beautiful, Chieftess!

  2. But I think anyone who carried around the huge camera that Adams did is allowed to do some manipulation in the darkroom. I think he would be horrified though by some of the stuff done in Photoshop. Anyway, enough of that; nice shot of an iconic part of Yosemite.

  3. Thank you Kaori and Lady Fi!!!

    I agree John!!! From what I've read though, I think he'd be intrigued by photoshop...not all the surrealistic stuff, just the enhanced processing! Although the artist in him might just have gotten a kick out of some of the extreme stuff...Thank goodness he lived when he did!!!

  4. sometimes the light just doesn't play well with a photo, so I am glad for those subtle manipulations! I love the shading in this view, all the shadows showing up so clearly.

    that petting of the skunk may have been the only time he was ever touched - a story to tell his grandchildren!

  5. love your shot. :)

    Sure, photographer has always manipulated the photos. Even back in 1920:s on my mothers wedding poto. :)

  6. Thank you Rob and Mandy! Glad you came by to visit and comment!

    Thanks Sivinden!!! Welcome!!! Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!

    The skunk story has been told a few times to my grandchildren!!! Thanks for dropping by Violet Sky!!!

    We always think that with film you got what you shot...not so...with filters and all the techniques of manipulation, there was a lot that could be done...just more complex and time consuming a process!!!

  7. This is a great photo - one that would be cool duplicated during the seasons (easy for me to say!)

    I frequently do simple adjustments, white balance and exposure, but I can't see spending longer than a minute on a single photo.

  8. The more photographs I see like this one, the more I want to FINALLY travel out west to all the national parks. They are so beautiful. This shot is awesome. Love the blending light and dark. It is all so very pretty. Genie

  9. When I first clicked on the shot I thought..."Kathryn Adams."

  10. Wonderful composition..........and "Kathryn Adams" isn't that far off;)

  11. Thanks Lucy!!! And welcome!!!

    Thanks Woody! I totally agree with minimizing the time spent manipulating photos...I try to keep it as close to my original photo as possible with a few adjustments here and there...Glad you stopped by to visit and comment!

    Thanks so much Genie! When you head west, be sure to let me know!!!

    Oh're making me blush again!!!

    Thank you Linda...I think you and Petrea are a bit over the top on this one though!!!

  12. Wonderful black and white photography.
    Photographer always manipulated with his/her photos. Ansel Adams made it in darkroom and today we make it in Photoshop, Lightroom e.t.c. Some more, some less :)


  13. Exactly!!! Thanks for visiting Tatjana!!!

  14. Great contrast and tonal range - and a fantastic view!