Sunday, December 18, 2011

Does a Bridge Need to be Stationary???

Bridging the way from the Zodiac to our Celebrity Xpedition...

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  1. when I was a kid in Borneo, I traveled a lot by boat. there were always men stretching their hands for us to hold to climb up the boat.

  2. Definitely not - your proves it perfectly:)

  3. A perfect and useful bridge, Kathryn! A creative entry to Sunday Bridges.

  4. Oh, you're a smart girl.

  5. Nope, they do not...but I would always walk quickly getting off and on the ships. Love this shot. It is so colorful and interesting. Looks like all are having no problems walking across the “plank”. genie

  6. What a great shot. I love the darkness of it, it's precarious.

  7. Love a gentleman's aid getting in and out of those darned zodiacs!!! Thanks for visiting Ann!

    Thanks Joo!!!

    Glad my "bridge" passed muster Francisca!!!

    I love your thinking Hiker!!!

    Thanks Genie!!! No mishaps getting from the Zodiac's to the Xpedition...the Zodiac to the beach is another thing entirely!!! We almost lost one...he finally made it but his camera didn't...

    Thanks JBar!!

    Precarious...but fun, Petrea!!!