Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Iguanas...or Sea Lions???

I opted for Sea Lions!!!

Papa Sea Lion was holding school for the young 'uns!!!

When travelling through the Galapagos you are assured to find
two species...without a doubt....
Iguanas and Sea Lions!!!
When we were there we saw Sea Lions everywhere...
everywhere we didn't see Iguanas!!!  

The Sea Lions were abundant...and many had babies...some as 
young as two weeks old...
These young 'uns were a bit older...
perhaps early Sea Lion Teenagers???


  1. Great to get so close to animals like these

  2. We could literally walk right next to them...although we tried to keep a respectable distance from them...Thanks for visiting Mo!!!

  3. I gwana walk down to de beach and see one o' dem lions!

  4. crack me up!!!

    Turtles to come PA!!!

    You can get your fill of them down in the Galapagos Petrea!!!

  5. Wow! Great photos! I would love to go there some time...

  6. OH they are so cute! I want to take their little faces in my hands and talk in my "Meeps" voice and say, "Oh your are the cutest little thing I ever saw!"

  7. After visiting your blog site Pat, I'm sure you would love the Galapagos!!!

    HeeHeeHee!! I can just picture you doing that Virginia!!!