Monday, December 26, 2011

Grampa made Granma cry for Christmas...

Tears of Joy!!!
Dreams do come true!!!

A sample photo while I'm figuring it all out!!!

And my contribution to Macro Monday!!!


  1. I bet there was a squeal of joy somewhere in between the tears! What a beautiful gift. Can't wait to see the photographs you capture with your new friend :D

  2. Yeah Dan! Way to come through for Christmas!!!

  3. Definitely Kaori!!!

    He did, didn't he Sheryl!!! Glad you stopped by here to visit and comment!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Oh boy, this is a game changer. You're set for life (camera-wise) now Kathy. If it were in my budget I'd buy one.

    I heard, but can't verify, that these were hard to come by due to the disasters in Japan and Thailand.

    Now, about those lenses … :-)

  5. Just wonderful! I had a similar moment two years ago.

  6. I'm just sayin' Hiker!!!

    I know Wayne!!! It was totally unexpected!!! When my good lens got banged up in the Galapagos I thought I'd price the d700 and Mark 5 Canon because that's the ultimate in what I wanted...figured they were too expensive and forgot about my lens fixed... well...TheChief didn't forget...and that, my friend, is the rest of the story!!!

    You must be married to an awesome hubby too LadyFi!!!

  7. isn't it wonderful when we realize we married some pretty awesome folks?

    I'm drooling from this side of the mountains.

    Looking forward to seeing the products of the D700!

  8. K, you must have been a verrrrry good girl this year! That is a fabulous camera and you will handle it quite well with your skill and photo-eye!


  9. Thank you Genie!!! I'm not sure how good a girl I was...but TheChief was a verrrry good boy!!!

  10. A good husband is way better than a jolly old elf.

  11. I guess you were a good girl this year!