Wednesday, December 28, 2011

X Marks the Spot!!!

No...she's not proposing!!!
She was trying to take a photo while they were out on the ice on Gull Lake...
Last week a dog fell through the ice on one of Mammoth's Lakes...
and that ice is much was warm...
the ice didn't look very thick...
but they made it back to shore ok...

Xtra glad no one fell through the ice...

For more participants in ABC here!!!


  1. Wow that is such a lovely seen of the lake. Glad and hope no one fell to the ice..

  2. Looks like water, not ice. I love what you're doing with darkness.

  3. Thank you Katya kate!!! I was a little worried watching them...they obviously didn't know the danger they were putting themselves in and I don't think would have had a clue as to how to save either of them if they fell in...I did tell them to be careful, the ice is thin...and they came a bit closer to shore...but I waited until they were back on shore and on their way to their car!!!

    It did...which is why I was a bit worried Petrea...the ice did not look very thick and I was sure someone was going in!!! Thanks...I LOVE the low light capabilities of my new camera!!!

  4. Beautiful play of light and shadows. Lovely photo.

  5. And it is indeed a wonderful spot!

  6. Oh, I thought it was a baptism! You know of Christ, which starts with X in Greek.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Beautiful scene o the Lake. The Sierras are definitely God's Country.
    Be careful on that thin ice.

  8. seems like a silly thing to do for a photo

  9. Thanks Leovi...glad you stopped by!

    Thanks Kathy!!! It is a wonderful spot!!! Glad you came by!

    Good point Rog!!! I saw the explanation of the X on Chris J's site!!!

    You've got that right Photowannabe!!! I'm not getting anywhere near the surface of that ice!!!

    I agree Jo...glad I didn't have to call for help!!!

  10. Beautiful shot! So dreamy and romantic. But falling through the ice is scary. We used to run around on Lake Michigan once it froze over but I always had a fear of falling through the ice. Glad they were okay :)

  11. I just learned that this lake has many thermal spots in the lake which render the ice soft in that area...and that you can't tell where they are...not the lake to walk out on the ice!!!

    Thanks Kaori!!! Glad you stopped by!

  12. Oooh dangerous! A man was drowned in England last week trying to rescue his dog which had gone out on an icy pond. As is sadly usually the case, the dog survived.

  13. Hello.
    Actually looks like water not ice. They're a lot braver than me to venture out on it.
    Fantastic shot.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Xanadu: This Lush, Tropical Garden

  14. falling through ice is very dangerous

    happy new year

    ornamented joshua