Friday, December 23, 2011

An Improvisation???

Do you remember a scene with Ryan and Ali playing in the snow?
Well, that was improvised."
Arthur Hiller

No clouds...just a whole lot of cold...
Had to reach back into the archives for this one!!!

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  1. It seems like the clearest days in the winter are the most cold. I am head over heels for your black and white photos!

    Keep warm :D

  2. It is chilly at Chez la Vache this morning, too!
    31ยบ! It almost never drops to the 30s here by the Bay!

  3. Stunning! Seems like some of the most incredible skies I've seen are at altitude, and your photo reminded me of that.

  4. Thanks Kaori!!! And you're right about the cold...when it's clear and no seems much colder. But then, it's been in the teens and 20's (F) at night and early mornings so I guess you can say it's pretty darned cold up here!!! In the ski areas it registered -13 yesterday!!!

    You've got that damp cold too Louis! It does get cold!!!

    I agree Spare Parts and Pics! I've seen way more beautiful skies and cloud formations up here than when we lived down south!

  5. Thank you Sivinden!!! And Merry Christmas!!!