Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Mammoth Education...

Learning how to ice skate in the new Mammoth skating rink!

Our granddaughter Kasey and darling girl Doris!!!


  1. how wonderful! looks like great weather too!

    our little outdoor rink is more damp slush to land in, even with the best of ice-making underneath.

    and no, don't ask why I'm up at this hour.

  2. What a sweet picture. Your comments on my blog busted me right up. I'm glad you solved the wine dilemma.

  3. It's a charming photo. Now I have to go look at your wine comments.

  4. Thanks Trish...ah well...I'm frequently up late...although 2:51 is a record!!!

    Thanks Margaret!!! And your blog posts busted me up....hence the wine dilemma!!!

    Thanks Petrea! See you at Finnegan Begin Again!!!

  5. Chieftess---I do not do 2:51a on purpose. Morning person, but not THAT much morning that it's still mid-night. See also "spousal snoring like a train" and "worried about a sick friend".

    Wine...oh, now you've got ME wondering!