Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Moms...Mammoth Style!!!

These ladies were riding in the Pampered Pedalers bike ride...
(Eastside Velo)
the day before Mother's Day!
I have to say...they're awesome!!!

The ride started at Footloose Sports Shop in Mammoth...
and 43 miles later...ended at the Elks partk in Bishop...

Yeah...mostly down hill...but enough uphill that I don't think 
I'll be joining this ride any time soon!!! have to understand...the ride is all women..
and the theme was Nature...
so of course, all the riders followed suit with costumes 
depicting nature...
with a gentleman/woman thrown in as support!!!

Great fun was had by all...
A rather gruelling ride up and down the mountains to Bishop...

Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. I applaud them all, and I'll stick to applauding.

  2. Me too. I'll sit right here and clap my hands. There. I clapped.

    Seriously, though, they are fab.

  3. Each of the women in the post are all friends of mine!
    I found out about the ride the day before at my Chiropractor's office and figured I had to go see it for myself and get some was obviously a very fun time...but I think for now I'll be hanging with you all on the sidelines, clapping!!!

  4. Looks like great fun -- from a distance.